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My coaching experience with Roger has been absolutely excellent! He takes the time to understand my coaching needs, he is very dedicated to providing the best possible service during each session. Roger is committed to fostering and maintaining an environment in which I felt supported and engaged. His coaching helped me increase my self-confidence and allowed me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. He also helped me develop a strong self-awareness that has become extremely useful in my career.

Roger has the ability to ask the right questions that allowed me to clearly identify my professional path and goals and the means to get there. His commitment to excellence and outstanding feedback really makes a difference on delivering a superb experience.

My coaching experience with him has been very rewarding and I would recommend it to anyone else! I am hoping to do more coaching sessions with him in the near future again!

Florencia Pianna

Senior HR Business Partner, Miami Florida, USA

I have had the pleasure of engaging with Roger for several months of leadership coaching with Roger for several months of leadership coaching. As someone who has significantly improved my leadership skills, I feel it is important to commend Roger for his exemplary expertise, guidance, and dedication.

We used the 360-degree feedback model, a holistic and comprehensive approach that helped me identify the strengths and areas for improvement in my leadership style. His ability to facilitate this feedback process was remarkable. He diligently assisted me in decoding, understanding, and building an actionable plan based on the received feedback.

What was truly remarkable about Roger, however, was not merely his proficiency in applying the model, but his skill in going beyond it. His guidance didn’t confine within the framework, but rather, he consistently went out of his way to provide me with advice and insights tailored to my unique context and goals. This truly personalized approach made all the difference in my leadership journey.

Throughout our time together, Roger’s insightful and understanding nature was ever present.

His coaching style was a blend of empathy, encouragement, and practicality. He didn’t shy away from difficult conversations, yet he always presented feedback in a constructive and palatable way. This made the entire coaching process enjoyable and highly beneficial for me.

The transformation I underwent under Roger’s expert guidance was profound. I became a more confident and effective leader, better equipped to manage my team and lead them towards success.

I wholeheartedly recommend Roger to any individual or organization looking for top-notch coaching. His vast experience, dedication, and ability to truly understand and cater to his client’s needs set him apart in the coaching industry. With Roger’s guidance, you’re not just investing in short-term improvement, but in long-term transformation.

Matthew McGregor

Head of Marketing, Cape Town, South Africa

Roger has been my coach for several months now and the transformation I experienced is significant, tangible, and material. Roger has unparalleled ability to listen, observe and notice things that are not spoken and ask profound questions that lead to epiphany. In each session Roger brings the best in you, empowers, and maximizes the impact of learning on the trajectory of your whole life.

The life I have now feels like a new next level, a new “normal” that I wanted to experience for years but didn’t know how to get there. During our coaching sessions Roger creates a safe, positive, non-judgmental space where everything is possible. Through his masterfully crafted questions I become aware of how I need to think, behave and “be” to make the desirable change happen. Roger helps me to rewrite my beliefs and create the mindset that serves my goals and allows for my big dreams to come true. After each session I walk away full of energy, joy and a set of specific tools that would help me to get where I want to be. For that, I’m forever grateful.

I look forward to continuing our coaching conversations because of the tectonic transformation that I am experiencing and would highly recommend Roger to anyone who wants results, values their time, and is committed to make a difference and create an impact.   


Tetyana Colosivschi

Executive Coach - Houston Texas USA

I had the privilege of being coached by Roger for several months. His ability to listen fully and completely, coupled with his accurate and efficient questioning, has left me amazed. With caring but direct communication and observations, he facilitated deep wake-up calls that were instrumental during a period of significant transformation in both my professional and personal life.
From navigating my first maternity to a career change, Roger helped me clarify my priorities, regain serenity, and realign with my goals. He is an exceptional coach who created a trusting space where I could openly share. Roger established a judgment-free environment, facilitating the exploration of my challenges and bringing to light my needs and strengths. I have undoubtedly grown alongside him and highly recommend his services to anyone seeking positive and guided transformation.


Chief People Officer & Exec Coach

I had the pleasure of working with Roger for several years in a corporate environment before he transitioned to RPC Coaching. In Q4 of 2023 I was in the midst of transitioning from a long tenured corporate career to creating my own path through a consultancy business. While I knew that my professional experience would translate into my new career, Roger helped me hone in on my emotional intelligence skills. Due to Roger’s diverse background and ongoing development, he is able to quickly adapt his teachings to maximize the potential of his clients. If you are an individual or corporation in need of enhancing tangible or intangible results, RPC Coaching is the solution.

Dennis Lider

SVP Sales - Miami USA, P7 CPG Sales Management