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As you embark on this empowering experience, expect a nurturing and non-judgmental environment where your goals, dreams, and challenges will be heard with utmost care and attention. 

Executive Coaching

“Breakthroughs happen when limiting thoughts and behaviours are challenged.” – Fabienne Fredrickson

Executive coaching is designed to assist professionals in improving their leadership. We start by understanding you, your situation, strengths and preferences. This self-awareness is used to better understand and interact with those around you, being colleagues, team members, stakeholders, and customers. A robust action plan is created to ensure success for you and your team.

Emerging Talent

“The best way to predict your future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln

This program can take individuals or groups who are ready to, or will soon be ready to embark on their leadership journey. We begin with an Enneagram assessment, develop self-awareness, and then work on a development plan. A 360-degree feedback can be added and where possible internal mentors are identified and engaged to enhance the experience. At the conclusion of this program we have confident, emotionally intelligent leaders ready to inspire others.

Team Development

“If we were good at everything, we would have no need for each other” – Simon Sinek

Team development is a process, that starts by understanding the individual team members, the team goals, priorities, and current level of performance. Then by using a structured process we create, alignment, focus, team protocols and most of all trust in each other’s ability to co-create success. 

Career Coaching

“Your career is your business. It’s time for you to manage it as a CEO” – Dorit Sher

Are you considering a new job or a change of career? Are you coming back into the labour market or do you want that big promotion? If you are any of these or just feel that you can do more, I can help. I work with leaders at all stages of their careers, to identify what they want and to unleash their potential in going after their goal. 

International Relocation

“Change begins at the end of your comfort zone” – Roy T Bennett

Having successfully relocated to the US from South Africa, and made 4 additional relocations in 15 years, I am well versed in the challenge of integration. I specialise in helping Executives and their families prepare for and successfully make the transition to the United States. Although this would seem easy, this move will require a reinvention of the whole family, I can help. Coaching begins prior to departure and continues as required as the Executive on-boards, and the family begins their new and exciting adventure.


“I think self-knowledge is the rarest trait in a human being” – Elizabeth Edwards

The Enneagram is a map of self-awareness, by deepening our understanding of ourselves and how we respond to the world around us, we can better interact and communicate with life partners, colleagues, managers and customers. After completing the online Enneagram assessment, we spend 90 minutes debriefing the results. We use these newly revealed insights to map a path of development, utilising self-awareness to unlock potential and happiness. I have successfully used the Enneagram with individuals, couples, and teams, the impact of this “inside-out” coaching is game-changing. 

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