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“Change is inevitable – growth is optional”

– John C Maxwell

About RPC Coaching

It might be time to reinvent yourself. Do you feel there could be more out there? Are you contemplating change?

Our lives are an ever changing growth journey and sometimes we find ourselves at a crossroads, unsure of which path to take.

    • Whether you want help with the direction or performance of your business
    • Your career
    • Your leadership style and effectiveness
    • Your life choices 
    • Or even where in the world you call home 

I work alongside my clients, empowering them to uncover insight, embrace transformation and seize opportunities. 

You are the creator of your story, my role is to ask questions, invite reflection, spark curiosity, and be your co-pilot on your journey of discovery.

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I have had the pleasure of engaging with Roger for several months of leadership coaching. As someone who has significantly improved my leadership skills, I feel it is important to commend Roger for his exemplary expertise, guidance, and dedication.

We used the 360-degree feedback model, a holistic and comprehensive approach that helped me identify the strengths and areas for improvement in my leadership style. His ability to facilitate this feedback process was remarkable. He diligently assisted me in decoding, understanding, and building an actionable plan based on the received feedback.

What was truly remarkable about Roger, however, was not merely his proficiency in applying the model, but his skill in going beyond it. His guidance didn’t confine within the framework, but rather, he consistently went out of his way to provide me with advice and insights tailored to my unique context and goals. This truly personalized approach made all the difference in my leadership journey.

Throughout our time together, Roger’s insightful and understanding nature was ever present.

His coaching style was a blend of empathy, encouragement, and practicality. He didn’t shy away from difficult conversations, yet he always presented feedback in a constructive and palatable way. This made the entire coaching process enjoyable and highly beneficial for me.

The transformation I underwent under Roger’s expert guidance was profound. I became a more confident and effective leader, better equipped to manage my team and lead them towards success.

I wholeheartedly recommend Roger to any individual or organization looking for top-notch coaching. His vast experience, dedication, and ability to truly understand and cater to his client’s needs set him apart in the coaching industry. With Roger’s guidance, you’re not just investing in short-term improvement, but in long-term transformation.

Matthew McGregor

Head of Marketing, Cape Town South Africa

What I do for People


Unlock potential and unleash performance. Understand yourself and drive change.

Understanding yourself (Self-awareness) improves your relationships (colleagues, manager, partner and customer).

Initiate change, empowering you to welcome transformation and lead the life you want.

I assist with career reinvention, together we will create a plan to achieve your career goals.

As an accountability partner – I have a bias for action and I will help you deliver on your commitments.

Accelerate performance with the support of my extensive global business experience, I can help you with developing or implementing your business strategy.

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